Leader (Monthly)

You’ve committed to Scrum and an Agile approach to managing innovation. We applaud you. We also reward you with a number of offerings not available to lower levels of membership.

Leader-level members enjoy all of what Learner+ members enjoy, plus:

  • VIP status at community events. We reward Leader level members by giving you access to more thought leaders and a more personalized behind-the-scenes experience at our community events. Meet practitioners at the highest level of Scrum. Enjoy a degree of prestige that puts you one-on-one with some of the greatest thinkers in this new and exciting leadership movement.
  • Live-stream and in-person training. Leader-level members participate in our annual livestreaming events highlighting the newest advances in the field. We also provide in-person training opportunities not available to lower-level  members. Plus, as a Leader, you’re entitled to one new Scrum certification per year.
  • Group Coaching. Join other business leaders who are at the same place in the journey as you are for a Group Coaching session. As a Leader member, you’re entitled to two Group Coaching sessions per month.
  • One-on-one coaching. There’s no substitute for having your own private coach and mentor. We make those opportunities available to you at a discounted rate because you’ve chosen to be a Leader.