Registered Scrum Master@Scale

Chris Sims · September 23, 2022

Registered Scrum Master@Scale

The registered Scrum Master@Scale (RSM@S) course trains Scrum Masters and Agile  leaders to build an organization that exceeds expectations. The course is designed for those who have already attained their Scrum Master and/or Product Owner credential (preferably RSM/RPO) and who have some familiarity with RSM@S. Learners will engage with tools like case studies, real-life experiences, and interactive exercises to better understand how scaling Scrum and the Scrum master rule truly work in an organization. Attendees can expect to leave with the essential elements they need to successfully foster highly productive teams at scale.

Course Objectives

The Registered Scrum Master@Scale course prepares you to play a significant role in the successful scale of your organization. You can expect to walk away with the knowledge and skills needed to create and support multiple high-performing teams. You will gain an understanding of how best to coordinate and communicate across a large number of teams, and you will learn how to be a key player in scaling Scrum to drive better organizational outcomes.

Course Outline


  • Course orientation
  • Meet your class

scrum master cycle

  • Metrics and Transparency
  • Team Process
  • Continuous Improvement
    and Impediment Removal
  • Cross-Team Coordination
  • Delivery
  • The Executive Action Team
  • Product Release and

scaling the events

  • The Scaled Retrospective
  • The Scaled Daily Scrum
  • Scaled Planning
  • Scaled Review
  • The Scrum of Scrums Master

agile operating system

  • Connect The Scrum Master
    and Product Owner Cycles
  • The Scrum of Scrums

course close out

  • Accessing the exam
  • Next steps
  • The CAVU Community

The Credentials

Registered Scrum Master@Scale

  • Highly regarded, industry-recognized credential
  • Sets you apart as a leader with proven expertise
  • Most popular Agile framework in use
  • Stay relevant in today’s job market
  • Spearhead increased productivity and deliverables
  • Improve team management and collaboration
  • Cultivate a healthier work environment

Delivery Format

Instructor Led


4 days

3 hours per day
+ homework


RSM@S Credentials

Ability to coordinate and communicate
across a large number of teams

About Instructor

Chris Sims

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 14 Topics