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Agile and Scrum at the Start

In 1983, Jeff Sutherland created the first Scrum project. It was a teller systems project for 150 banks throughout the US and Canada. From that point, the project world would never be the same. Scrum is used in solutions ranging from technical to research and beyond before Jeff Sutherland, and Ken Schwaber officially codified it in the 2010 publication of the official Scrum Guide.

Let’s follow the Scrum journey starting with back in the 1950s with the growth of Lean Manufacturing. Along the way, we will give you access to some of the source materials that provide the foundation of the evolution of Scrum.

In this lesson

  • The Core Agile Values
  • Agile Principles
  • The Origins of Scrum
  • Scrum in a Nutshell

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Scrum Glossary

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